Quality Cabinets in Springfield, VA

When designing your home, you are presented with the opportunity to showcase your personality. At Capitol Design Build, we aim to provide you with the perfect means to do so. We are committed to supplying you with only the best cabinets in the industry, giving you quality options for your unique remodeling vision. All the companies we work with offer products that are durable, innovative, and elegant. If you’re looking for the perfect touch to your living space, you’ve come to the right place.

High-end cabinet brands we service

Here at Capitol Design Build, we are dedicated to bringing incredible products and designs to the people of Springfield. To ensure the highest level of quality in our remodels, we have partnered with only the best brand names in the cabinet industry. The high-end cabinet brands we proudly offer include:

  • Brandon – For over 50 years, Brandon has led the cabinet industry with innovative styles and architecture, making them a go-to choice for everyone from architects to builders to first-time homebuyers. With a large selection of wood types and colors, Brandon has exactly what you need for a refreshing and beautiful remodel.
  • Bernier – With a large selection of styles, materials, and finishes, Bernier offers stunning cabinets of the highest quality. Custom designed for your living space, these cabinets will perfectly complement any high-end kitchen. Call us for a consultation to see if Bernier cabinets are the answer to your kitchen remodeling questions.
  • Crestwood – Crestwood offers an exceptionally high quality of cabinets, which is why so many homeowners have turned to this manufacturer over the years. In addition, the company’s outstanding customer service has given it a stellar reputation among consumers and retailers alike. Incorporating innovative plywood improvements, Crestwood has raised the bar for the entire cabinet industry.
  • Lineadecor – With a booming business that started in Turkey, Lineadecor’s quality design has quickly spread across the globe, and is now a popular choice in American homes. By constantly improving their craftsmanship with the latest technologies and techniques, Lineadecor is one of the top names in cabinet production.
  • Touchstone – The cabinets by Touchstone are crafted by some of the most skilled and experienced carpenters in the business, a fact long recognized by interior decorators and homebuilders. From bathroom cabinets to kitchen cabinets, their designs and styles are the perfect modern masterpieces for your high-end home.
  • Virtu USA – Designed and crafted with meticulous, caring hands, the cabinets from Virtu USA are both stunning and elegant. With a variety of materials and finishes to choose from, the selection from Virtu USA has everything a homeowner needs for a beautiful place to craft their family’s story.
  • Hardware Resources – As the top innovators in the cabinet industry, Hardware Resources is committed to continuous improvement of their technique, materials, and customer service. Whether you’re looking for bathroom or kitchen cabinets, Hardware Resources provides you with a constant level of excellence that’s often hard to beat.

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