High-Quality Countertops in Alexandria, VA

Customizing your home adds more personality and connection with you and your living space. When it comes time to design your space, only the highest quality of materials will do. That’s why, at Capitol Design Build, we provide with you a wide range of the best countertops around in Alexandria, VA.

The countertops we carry range from beautiful granite and marble to stunning natural quartz. We are proud to provide our customers with nearly limitless options, giving them the opportunity to personalize their home, their way. With many top-end brand names available, we provide a countertop catalog that is unmatched in Alexandria, VA. If you’re looking to make elegant changes to your home, you’ve come to the right place. Navigate through our selection below, and contact us at any time with further questions or to request a quote.

Brand name countertops that we carry

  • Granite and Marble: Created to bring your living space to life, these countertops offer a natural look and come in numerous designs. With various stone types and colors available, granite and marble offer you a truly personalized approach for your new countertops. Either honed or polished, these products meet your exact specifications and are available for immediate delivery.
  • Silestone: As a compound of natural quartz, Silestone is incredibly strong and resilient. Silestone also leads the market by being one of the only products with bacteriostatic protection. With maximum hygiene protection and beautiful quartz designs, Silestone delivers a product that is truly one of a kind. The variety of colors also provide endless themes for your living spaces.
  • Caesarstone: Caesarstone is a truly passionate company that strives to create innovative and beautiful quartz countertops. Leading the market in fashion and style, Caesarstone has quickly become a popular choice for homes across the country. With cutting-edge techniques combined with design innovation, Caesarstone creates the finest quartz surfaces in the industry.
  • Santa Margherita: Based in Verona, Italy, Santa Margherita has a sharp eye for quality and elegance. With a focus on unique styles and a high standard of excellence, Santa Margherita has captured the hearts of design teams around the world. By using all-natural materials and colors, Santa Margherita provides homes with truly warming sensations.
  • Cambria: Dedicated to innovation and beauty, Cambria has produced a long line of products that lead the market. Crafted with all-natural quartz, these countertops provide a hard surface that is both hygienic and easy to clean. When it comes to warm designs and beautiful colors, Cambria is a leader for quartz countertops. Whether you’re looking for a light or dark theme to incorporate in your living space, you can rely on Cambria for the shades you need.

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