Alexandria’s Kitchen Remodeling Experts

You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen: making meals, eating breakfast, passing in and

out for snacks throughout the day. And if you feel like it’s time for a new kitchen, but you’re just

not ready to commit to the price of a brand-new kitchen, then a kitchen remodeling might be just

what you need. At a fraction of the cost, you can end up with a kitchen that looks nothing like

what you started with—all without shelling out as much money as expected. For example, our

contractors can resurface your kitchen countertop to dramatically change your kitchen. There are

a number of textures available, including cost-efficient ones such as ceramic tiles or paint and

concrete. The Capitol Design Build contractors can also create custom countertops to best reflect

the style you want, so you’re the most satisfied with the end results. We also use Lineadecor to

provide stunning, elegant results. Why not give us a call for more details at (703) 436-6919?

Custom Remodeling Options

Of course, our remodeling services extend beyond just the kitchen. The Alexandria, VA Capitol

Design Team can provide a facelift to your bathroom as well, remodeling the sinks, handles,

shower doors, floor tiles, and other aspects of the bathroom. Since bathroom remodels can be

expensive, our renovation contractors will walk and talk you through the entire process to make

sure you have all the professional advice you need to determine what exactly it is that you want.

We will combine our expertise with your vision to create a beautiful, timeless design build that

tastefully incorporates your design elements and will leave an impact for years to come, whether

for your kitchen, bathroom, or another room.

Total Home Design

Our team of renovation and general contractors realize that sometimes you don’t want to just

renovate—you want to build. And for that, you want inspiration and experience. That’s where

Capitol Design Build steps in. There’s so much that goes into designing the perfect home, and it

can be an inundating process, which is why our team provides all the services they do. By taking

your incipient, beginning ideas, we can create something that will leave you in awe and more

than satisfied to go home. We pay attention to everything throughout the design build: from the

cabinets to the sinks to the doors to the tiles, because we understand that all the little things play

a big role into the final product, and we want you to be happy with the final product. That’s why

Capitol Design Build is the best choice for all your renovation and building needs.

Do you live in the Alexandria, VA area and do you think it’s time for our remodeling and

design services? Call our team at (703) 436-6919!