The Best Lighting Fixtures in Alexandria, VA

Light fixtures have the amazing ability to bring spaces to life. By bringing attention to specific areas, details and shapes can be truly appreciated with the proper lighting. Whether it’s paintings, a kitchen, or a living room, light fixtures offer new perspectives. At Capitol Design Build, we believe in the magic that comes with proper lighting. That’s why we have committed ourselves to offering a wide selection of lighting systems for you.

With both residential and commercial lighting available in Alexandria, VA, we provide a way for people around the world to create more functional and stylish spaces. By working with the industries’ best brands, we are able to supply the highest of quality lighting fixtures. Whether you’re looking for colorful lights or more modern fixtures, you can depend on us to have exactly what you need. With a passion for home improvement and innovative design, we have dedicated ourselves to supplying only the finest-quality equipment. Explore the brand names of lighting that we carry, and feel free to contact us with questions or when you’re ready to request a quote.

Brand-name lighting that we services

  • Eureka: Founded in 1987, Eureka has been pursuing innovative lighting solutions for applications of all types. They are well-known for simple and elegant features that are appropriate for both residential and commercial purposes. Eureka has been known for decades as a pioneer in excellent designs and production. By using materials like satin chrome and frosted glass, this company produces stunning light solutions that are both functional and beautiful. Eureka excels in unique designs that can accommodate to any purpose with stylish tact. With lighting available in vibrant colors or modern soft whites, Eureka can provide just what you’re looking for.
  • Vistosi: By combining art and technology, Vistosi creates and supplies innovative light features that can be found across the world. With the use of traditional glass blowing techniques and cutting-edge design principles, the light systems from Vistosi are truly one of a kind. They are a passionate team that is dedicated to the production of fixtures that capture the essence of beauty. Vistosi lights are highly refined and introduce the world of art into everyday lighting systems.
  • Fabbian: Established in 1961, Fabbian is an Italian-based company specializing in lighting design. Since their beginning, Fabbian has introduced innovative designs for both residential and commercial purposes. By honing their designs with style and function, they have now become one of the main Italian manufacturer of lighting systems. With a focus on quality and excellence, Fabbian has become a company that is known across the globe. When it comes to elegance and flawless design, Fabbian leads the market. The quality of products is always reliable as they pay special attention to every unit that leaves their hands. If you’re looking for modern lights that demand appreciation, Fabbian is the maker for you.

Let the quality lighting from Capitol Design Build illuminate your home in Alexandria, VA. You’ll never see better!

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