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Kitchen design is the process of combining surfaces, appliances, and design elements into a beautiful and functional layout that works for cooking, socializing, and living. A professional kitchen designer can walk the tightrope between function, including storage space and appliances, and form, or the decorative touches that bring warmth and personality to the room. Without proper kitchen design, your kitchen will be ugly and difficult to navigate. You can spot a poorly-designed kitchen a mile away because it has no charm. When you work with Capitol Design Build on your Lorton, VA kitchen remodel, you can be sure that your kitchen will be unique and retain the functionality you expect from a central room in your home.

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The Design Concepts We Can Utilize in Your Kitchen

While kitchen design leaves room for creativity, most layouts follow one of five basic concepts. Some are ideal for the space you have, while others are not. Our kitchen design department helps you understand which layout represents the best starting point for your kitchen remodeling project. The five common layout designs are:

  • L-Shaped Kitchens:
    • L-Shaped kitchens leave plenty of room for cooking while also feeling open and spacious due to the two-wall design for storage and appliances.
  • U-Shaped Kitchens:
    • If counter space is a concern, then a U-shaped kitchen is a great option. Countertops and cabinetry surround the cook on all three sides, and there is a large open space, usually leading to another living space.
  • G-Shaped Kitchens:
    • G-shaped kitchens are the most enclosed design style. They offer considerable storage but are not ideal for those who are seeking an open floor place. We recommend them for those who require more storage space.
  • Single-Wall Kitchens:
    • These kitchens are great for small homes, as all the appliances and storage are in one straight line. They are also fantastic options for people who want an expansive feel without storage or islands in the middle of the room.
  • Corridor Kitchens:
    • Just as they sound, corridor kitchens are like a hallway, with counters and storage on each side. Sometimes known as a galley, these kitchens can offer a surprising amount of space with stacked storage.

We Make Sure the Important Details Aren’t Missed

Picking the layout of your kitchen is just the first step. A well-designed kitchen is a collection of various components, each of which our design professionals choose in coordination with the other. For instance, we choose one element while carefully thinking about where to place electrical outlets. Do you want to avoid a mess of cables and cords? We can design a counter space meant to hide them and maximize space. What about seating? If you want kitchen seating, we’ll need to consider designing counters with space for people to sit and dine. There’s no detail too small. Each one makes an enormous difference in the overall quality of the kitchen, which is what our kitchen design team brings to the table. We consider every detail and map everything carefully.

We Use High-Quality Materials to Design Your Kitchen

So many details go into designing the perfect kitchen remodeling project. Capitol Design Build never loses sight of one of the most important: The quality of the materials we use. We’ve partnered with high-quality manufacturers to deliver durable, beautiful, and long-lasting materials, so your kitchen looks excellent forever. Our services include:

  • Countertops
    • Countertops are the most noticeable element of your home, so when our designers begin planning your kitchen, they make sure they get them right. Color, texture, and function vary between stone types, so we make sure you understand what we’re planning and make sure it fits your goals.
  • Cabinets
    • We enjoy designing all aspects of kitchens, but cabinetry is especially fun. We use high-quality wood, and our carpenters know how to alter and install them. If you don’t have a ton of space, we can design clever cabinetry that folds, swivels, and pulls out, revealing heaps of storage space.
  • Fixtures
    • Nothing beats a glistening kitchen faucet, sterling cabinet handles, and a great sink. The fixtures our designers recommend are designed to be both functional and aesthetically-pleasing because we know how essential both are to you.
  • Lighting
    • We hire skilled electricians to execute our design team’s vision flawlessly. We also work hand-in-hand with you to make sure we add everything you want to your kitchen. For instance, some clients prefer lighting on their cabinets for more comfortable use. We can do that and more.
  • Appliances
    • Don’t neglect your appliances when hiring Capitol Design Build to design a new kitchen. For instance, we can keep the edges of your fridge even with the walls by creating an inlet precisely the width and depth of your new refrigerator.

Contact Capitol Design Build’s Design Professionals Today

When you work with Capitol Design Build, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality products and customer service available. From day one, we’re there to answer all your questions and meet your needs. We are adaptable and skilled, ready to change on the fly to ensure you’re satisfied with the final product. To learn more about our kitchen design services, contact Capitol Design Build today.


Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Rejoice: Benefits of a new kitchen

It’s about time that you get your dream kitchen. With Capitol Design Build ‘s help, you can reap many benefits of kitchen remodeling, both aesthetically and functionally. These include:

  • Updated look
  • New and unbroken appliances
  • Opening up your kitchen space
  • Creating ambiance


Getting new cabinets can really put the cherry on the top of your perfect kitchen. Brands we carry include:

  • Bernier
  • Crestwood
  • Touch Stone
  • Virtu USA
  • Forevermark
  • Fabuwood


Your dream home wouldn’t be complete without quality countertops. Here at Capitol Design Build, you can choose from:

  • Granite and marble: These are classics that are durable and beautiful.
  • Silestone: This is the only type of countertop that has bacteriostatic protection, which keeps your kitchen sanitary.
  • Caesarstone: Caesarstone is available in three types of finishes polished, honed, and textured.
  • Santa Margarita: This Italian brand specializes in light and transparent shades.
  • Cambria: This natural quartz surface is stain resistant and nonporous.

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One-Stop Shopping

We carry most of

the major brands

One-Stop Shopping

We carry most of the major brands


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