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Discover exceptional home transformation with Capitol Design Build’s home remodeling, proudly serving Springfield, Alexandria, VA, and Washington, D.C. Our expert team brings innovation, quality, and personalized solutions to your doorstep. Explore how we can elevate your living space and create the home you’ve always envisioned. Ready to embark on your journey? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference firsthand.

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Capitol Design Build Service Areas

Capitol Design Build proudly extends its services to Springfield and Alexandria, VA, as well as the vibrant city of Washington, D.C. Here’s how we serve each location:

  • Springfield & Alexandria, VA – In Springfield and Alexandria, we bring architectural innovation and unparalleled craftsmanship to create exceptional living spaces. Our team recognizes the unique charm and character of these areas, and we collaborate closely with homeowners to transform their properties into personalized retreats. With a deep understanding of the local architectural styles, we blend modern design concepts with the region’s history, resulting in renovations that seamlessly fit within their surroundings. From sunrooms that embrace the natural beauty of Virginia to additions that expand living areas, Capitol Design Build is dedicated to elevating homes in Springfield and Alexandria.
  • Washington, D.C. – In the heart of the nation’s capital, Capitol Design Build delivers transformative projects that reflect the essence of Washington, D.C. Our team understands the rich history and vibrant spirit of the city, and we infuse each project with modern aesthetics while paying homage to its heritage. From revitalized townhouses to revamped living spaces, our designs embrace the dynamic energy of Washington, D.C. We seamlessly integrate function and style, creating homes that resonate with both the city’s legacy and its future. Capitol Design Build helps Washington, D.C., experience renovations that elevate living spaces and celebrate the unique urban atmosphere.

Our Services

Discover a realm of possibilities with Capitol Design Build’s comprehensive range of services. Our services include:

  • Kitchen Remodeling – Revitalize your kitchen with Capitol Design Build’s kitchen remodeling service. From modern updates to complete transformations, we enhance functionality and aesthetics. Our expert team tailors their designs to your preferences, ensuring a space that aligns with your culinary needs, reflects your unique style, and brings your kitchen ideas for remodeling to life.
  • Bathroom Remodeling – Experience the pinnacle of relaxation and style with our bathroom remodeling service. Whether it’s a serene spa-like retreat or an efficient modern space, we bring your vision to life. From fixtures to tiles, lighting to storage, our meticulous approach transforms your bathroom remodel ideas into a personalized haven.
  • Home Additions – Capitol Design Build’s home additions service adds space and value to your residence. Whether an extra bedroom, an extended living area, or a new functional space, our team seamlessly integrates new sections into your existing structure, ensuring architectural cohesion and enhancing your home’s versatility.
  • Whole House Renovation – Embrace a complete transformation with our whole house renovation service. From structural changes to interior updates, we breathe new life into every corner of your home. Our meticulous planning and skilled execution create a harmonious living environment that aligns with your evolving needs and style preferences.
  • Custom Home Design Builds – Craft your dream home with our custom design builds. Collaborate with our experts to create a residence tailored to your vision. From concept to construction, we blend innovation and functionality to deliver a home that embodies your unique lifestyle and exceeds your expectations.

Choose Us as your next Home Renovation Contractor

From transforming kitchens and bathrooms to creating custom homes and revamping entire residences, our expert team brings innovation, quality, and personalized solutions to every project, ensuring your vision becomes a reality. Ready to elevate your home? Contact Capitol Design Build today to schedule a consultation and embark on a transformative journey with our exceptional remodeling services in Springfield, Alexandria, VA, or Washington, D.C.


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